Fixed Price New Build Plans for Real Estate Investors

Leverage a new build when you can’t find a property to flip or rent

Lack of Home Inventory Stalling Your Growth?

Let’s face it, buying investment property in the Charlotte, NC metro area is harder than ever.
So, how do you continue to make money when you can’t find any homes to rehab?

Take the Bull by the Horns and Be Profitable

(while everybody else is scratching their head)

To help our clients scale their investment businesses in a tough real estate market we developed 4 new home build design plans with fixed pricing that will fit almost any homesite. By creating a predictable product for our clients, it has helped them grow during a rather difficult time in the existing home market.

Your Time Is Too Valuable To Waste It on Properties That Offer Little or No Return

STEP 1: Schedule a Call​

All it takes is a series of questions and about 30 minutes to determine if building to rent or retail might be a good fit for your business.

STEP 2: Choose a Pre Designed Home Plan​

You secure a lot, we work together to choose the right pre designed home plan and then we’ll direct every element of construction to get the home built to spec.

STEP 3: Confidently Scale Your Investment Business​

In this high demand market, these on trend home designs will help you sell or rent the property quickly so you can see a profit and move on to your next big investment.

Don’t Let This Challenging Market Steal Your Momentum

We understand how hard it is to find available properties in the unpredictable housing market. Which is why we created a predictable product that will help you expand your business so you can live the life you imagined as a real estate investor.

By adding Build to Rent/Retail to your portfolio you could realize: