We Direct Construction for New Build Communities

So real estate investors can expand their business without having to be onsite.

Increase Cash Flow

Save Time

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You Shouldn’t Have to Babysit Your GC to Get Your Project to the Finish Line

We're the builders you need for a rental property.

Inexperienced general contractors - try as they might - can’t manage the twists and turns of a multifamily or single family build project. Which oftentimes leaves you…

We Believe Every One of Your Community Build Projects Should Run Efficiently

When you work with Slate Building Group, you get…

Are you a developer or real estate investor building new homes? We can manage you new construction project.

Listen...we’re not gonna try and keep selling you.
We’ll let Andrew do it for us

“Before working with Slate Building Group our GC’s were often significantly over budget and struggled to meet their own projected timelines, which left us scrambling and constantly reworking timelines. Slate Building Group has been nothing but professional. Their transparency, proven processes, standing weekly meeting and timed scope of work keeps the project moving which has given me more time in my schedule to focus on keeping the business growing by finding our next build site!”

Spend Time on Your Own Terms

You deserve a builder team in the Greater Charlotte, North Carolina area who will do the work they say they are going to do so you can focus your time how you want.

Step 1:

Schedule a Call

Step 2:

Select plans and set timelines

Step 3:

Be free to find your next investment

Every Delay is Money Out of Your Pocket

Our Community Buildout System provides solutions that keep your project moving.

New construction building process.

Break Ground to Keys in Hand in 150 Days or Less

Creating new home plans to comply with local building codes is expensive and time consuming. Our Fixed Price Home Plans have all been approved by Mecklenburg County so you can break ground sooner and earn maximum profit on your investment.

New home builder partnering with real estate investors.

All of our Fixed Price Home Plans:

the freedom to spend time on your own terms. As a real estate developer, we know you aim to actively increase your investments and impact while sidestepping the day-to-day details that drag down your ability to focus on what matters most.

The problem is single family and multifamily community development projects come with tricky red tape, local codes to abide by and challenges that pop up at every turn, which is frustrating because every delay is time you won’t get back.

With over 7,000 projects complete - we’ve refined our process, developed fixed-price, on-trend home plans and trained our people so that after we break ground you can focus on expanding your business.

Our Community Buildout System includes timed scopes of work, real-time updates and customized warranty plans so you get solutions at every turn.

Sound like a system that you want to start using on your next North Carolina community build site? Follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Schedule a Call
Step 2: Select plans and set timelines
Step 3: Be free to find your next great investment

If you want to avoid the unnecessary delays that pull you back into the weeds time and time again, Schedule a Call today!

Picture this: Our reliable team manages all the details of your build and provides you with real-time updates so you never have to set foot on the build site. Giving you the time you need to focus on finding your next great investment.