A LOT of House Built into just 1400 Sq. Ft


This real estate investor found a property in Statesville, North Carolina, in the heart of Iredell County that had a ton of potential but the existing 4-plex was an eyesore. They approached Slate Building Group about the potential of tearing it down and building something brand new so they could turn a significant profit and build value into the neighborhood.

At our initial meeting we knew the new home would need to blend in better with the neighborhood and also have some key features that would give it just what it needed to stand out as the most valuable home to own in that neighborhood. We agreed that our Worthington design plan that features a 2 car garage would elevate this house in a neighborhood of 1 and no car garages.

“The Worthington design plan is one of my favorites because it gives you A LOT of house for a very reasonable price. We designed it like this purposefully so the real estate investor can make as much profit as possible.”

Brent Zande, CEO, Slate Companies”

And that’s exactly what happened! When it came time to sell, this home didn’t even make it to the MLS system. The real estate investor simply posted it to their network via social media and it sold within hours above asking price.

The Worthington design is reasonably priced for a lot of house all on one level and it has an open floor plan so nothing feels cramped. It is 1400 square feet and the design keeps the 4 bedrooms and 2 baths in one part of the house. The main living and entertaining space occupies the other half of the home making it feel open and airy.

When you walk in you’re greeted by the main living space featuring 9 ft ceilings, lots of windows and a beautiful kitchen. Every inch of space has been maximized in this design plan. There is a surprising amount of storage built into this home, including a walk-in closet in the master bedroom and a full laundry room

The best part is all of our materials used in our build plans are selected to keep maintenance to a minimum. So caring for it as a rental will be a breeze or selling it to a homebuyer will make it very attractive. Either way, once you build The Worthington design on the land you already own, your profits will increase.